Connect Kerry’s Presentation to Moyderwell Mercy Primary School

Connect Kerry’s Presentation to Moyderwell Mercy Primary School

Connect were delighted to present 15 tablets to Moyderwell Mercy Primary School this month to be ready for the new school year in September. This was a result of fundraising efforts through the year. We in Connect decided last year that our events would support schools around the county, we hold a number of events throughout the year and before gave the proceeds of the raffles to a number of deserving charities. Moyderwell was chosen as the beneficiary for the rollout this year as my own son Thomas has just completed his primary education there and I was delighted to be able to launch the initiative with such a wonderful school. We raised over €3,500 from our events and this went to purchase tablets for the school, equipped with educational apps which allows school Management to include the technology as part of students learning for the next school year. We in Connect feel that learning about technology at a young age should help educate children on its safe use, like everything we do if we learn at a young age we learn the correct way, so hopefully this will help the students going through Moyderwell to understand technology better.

Moira Quinlan Principal of Moyderwell welcomed the donation to the school saying: ‘
We are delighted to be associated with Connect on this great initiative that they have launched to support schools. We are lucky to be the first school recipients and we welcome the tablets that will enhance the daily life here. We thank Margaret and her team for her support’.

Could your school be our fundraising partner for the next school season?

Schools out and our call is out for the next school to join us! You can choose what your school needs most from our fundraisers and we will do our best to support the cause as much as we can.

So how do you become that school … Email us to or message us on social media with the school you want to nominate and why …… and we will choose the top 5 nominated in August and put it to a public vote with the winning school announced on September 3rd. We look forward to hearing from you all!