Connect Business January 2017

Hello and welcome to issue 2 of Connect Business. We are well and truly into the new year and January is under our belt for another year, hope it was kind to you.

We have lots for you this issue, we meet up with the O Connell Family in Killarney who are a well-known family of solicitors, they tell us what it’s like to be in the law business and how it has passed down the family. We also check out what’s new in Business in the county and its refreshing to see so many new businesses of all kinds establishing around every part of Kerry. Education is something we think about this time of year so we chat to a few in the sector to see what the options are. We are also launching our Connect Hair and Beauty Awards, as you all know our Connect Kerry Women in Business Awards have been very successful the past two years and we will again be rolling them out this year for our Gala Night in June, but we have been asked to recognise an industry which is growing in the county that is the Hair and Beauty Industry, so we have given them a dedicated awards and again its simply amazing to see the amount of talented professionals in this industry, this is open to male and female and to staff members as well as owners of the business. We will be bringing all the information on our website and Facebook page so keep an eye out so you can vote for your favourite and of course they will all be honoured at a wonderful afternoon in the very stylish Rose Hotel on Sunday March 12th.

We have lots of tips and snippets of interest to the business community and we hope you enjoy these, EF Signs give their tips on branding and we would like to thank them for the wonderful branding they did on the Connect Car recently they are superb at what they do.

So I guess that’s it for another issue, if you have anything you would like covered please do contact us on the below details and we would be delighted to talk to you.

Until next time