• Hi everyone, it’s time to get back to normal, school has resumed late nights playing in the garden are limited…

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  • Connect Lifestyle_August 2019_Issue 61

    Connect Lifestyle_August 2019_Issue 61

    It’s August and always a wonderful month in this county with so many different festivals and events to attend and…

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  • Connect Lifestyle-July 2019-Issue 60

    Connect Lifestyle-July 2019-Issue 60

    It’s been a busy month with our Annual Women in Business Awards and what a night. We have all the…

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  • Connect Lifestyle_June 2019_Issue 59

    Connect Lifestyle_June 2019_Issue 59

    The time has finally arrived and we are all very excited, it’s time for The Connect Kerry Women in Business…

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  • Connect Lifestyle-May 2019-Issue 58

    Connect Lifestyle-May 2019-Issue 58

    Hello again and welcome to CONNECT, Lots happening this month, the nominations are now closed and it’s all systems go…

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  • Connect Business_April-May 2019

    Connect Business_April-May 2019

    Hello and welcome to Connect Business The first quarter of the year is behind us and for many we are…

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  • Connect Lifestyle-April 2019-Issue 57

    Connect Lifestyle-April 2019-Issue 57

    Welcome to the April issue of Connect! The longer evenings are here and the weather is looking lovely too. It’s…

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  • Issue 56_Connect Lifestyle_March 2019

    Issue 56_Connect Lifestyle_March 2019

    Hello again and welcome to CONNECT… It’s March and it’s a busy month, it’s nearly time for our Connect Kerry…

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  • Hello and welcome to Connect Business First issue of 2019 for Connect Business so we hope you are ready and…

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