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  • Issue 21 / December

    Issue 21 / December

    Hi everyone. Welcome to our Christmas issue of Connect…shoppers are frantically trying to get the last few weeks to get…

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  • Issue 20 November

    Issue 20 November

    Hi everyone. Its November so it’s time to start thinking about Christmas, I know people have been talking about it…

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  • Issue 19 October

    Issue 19 October

    Hello The end of September wasn’t too bad weather wise… a little sunshine to heat the bones and face the…

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  • Issue 18 September

    Issue 18 September

    Normality has been restored, school gates are open, late nights playing in the garden are limited to weekends and in…

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  • Issue 17 / August

    Issue 17 / August

    Its August and as we know it’s the time of year for festivals, Kilorglin has puck fair, Waterville has Charlie…

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  • Issue 16 / July

    Issue 16 / July

    We are delighted to open our magazine this month with all the winners and finalists from our Connect Kerry Lee…

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  • Business Edition Issue 1

    Business Edition Issue 1

    Hello and welcome to Connect Business, it gives me great pleasure to present this publication to you this month to…

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  • Issue 15 / June

    Issue 15 / June

    The time has finally arrived and we are all very excited, The Connect Kerry Lee Strand Women in Business Awards…

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  • Issue 14 / May

    Issue 14 / May

    Hello again and welcome to CONNECT, This month we are delighted to bring you lots more nominees, we have been…

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  • Issue 13 /  April

    Issue 13 / April

    Hello Everyone I would like to wish you all a very happy Easter, Kids are on holidays and the clocks…

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  • Issue 12 / March

    Issue 12 / March

    Hello again and welcome to CONNECT, its March generally the time of year where we start looking at doing some…

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  • Issue 11 / February

    Issue 11 / February

    Hi everyone, so how was January? There is a little stretch in the evenings and things are starting to look…

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