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Getting Back To Healthy Living

Getting Back To Healthy Living

We have all overindulged a little through covid and while most of us did the power walk every day, we also did the power walk to the presses when we got back and had the extra chocolate bar, glass vino and lots more, so now that we are in some sort of new way of living and getting back out meeting people its time to get back on track so we ask Nora Butler from Slimming World to walk us through her classes and how we can access them.

Groups are Back!!

We are so delighted to be back, running groups, supporting members to achieve their goals and get them back into a routine if it was missing.  We have had to adapt to Covid-19 protocols so this has meant that there’s a number of changes that we had to implement.  Firstly members have to book in their meetings, this is for contact tracing and to ensure we have only the allowed number of members in the room.  We expect this will have to be in place for the foreseeable future, so it’s a matter of members getting used to it, similarly to booking any other appointments they have to attend.  To facilitate members’ needs we have put in new weigh times and the groups are now shorter in duration but still effective and punchy with a bit of laughter and food talk!!  The layout of the room had to change so we can socially distance from each other and we ask members to wear face coverings.  We have hand sanitising stations, sneeze screens,  and a contactless payment facility too.

We have 3 types of classes to further facilitate members needs

Express Weigh 

For people on the run who cannot stay to group due to life matters  These sessions can be booked here

Group Chat

For people that want to stay to the group and have their dose of motivation, support, ideas and camaraderie they do so by booking here

New Member

And for anyone looking to join, to find out about the generosity of food optimising they can pop along to a new member talk to discover the slimming world difference on

I think initially people are a little daunted booking in but the masterstroke of using this system is that they can amend their own booking and don’t need to come through me to change it they can just reschedule on their confirmation email, so it’s very flexible.

We still have the group talks, the support, the ideas, the food learning and sharing of recipes, etc.  A lot of members really like the fact that the class duration has been condensed to 45 mins so they are in and out the gap.

Motivation & Come Backs!

A lot of members are delighted to be back to changing habits that they may have picked up during the lockdown and we actually have a FREE gorgeous member journal focusing on a 4-week reset and refocus.  Slimming World has also put options to allow members to again achieve their closest awards as a motivational tool and we also have an amazing countdown offer coming up on Aug 30th.  A member that purchases a six-week countdown €45 will get one weeks free attendance and they will also get a free copy of our new cookbook which only uses 5 ingredients and this is worth €7.95!! So if you buy this your 6 weeks work out at just over €4.50 each an absolute bargain!!  Al these are aimed at getting members back to the group, back thinking about what they want to achieve and back losing weight.  Although I must commend the members that did stick with their goals during COVID times too…and on the first day back we were handing out awards to them!!

I’d just like to add that some members might feel embarrassed about a potential weight gain during the last few months.  I’d like to assure them that there’s no judgement or humiliation in our groups, we are here ready to welcome them back, to set them up for their ‘come back’.  

Nora’s Slimming World groups take place every Thursday & Friday in Manor Retail & Leisure Park.  Class Times vary and pre-booking is essential.  Please contact Nora on 087-2489838 for any further information.

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