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2020 A Look Back On The Year That Wasn’t

2020 A Look Back On The Year That Wasn’t

Can I take ye all back to New Years Eve last year…

Where the pubs and our houses were heaving with goodwill and cheer. “Happy New Year, have a great one” were the words we trilled all night had we known what was coming we’d all have dropped our drinks with the fright. We danced our way into the new and waved farewell to 2019. Our 2020 vision was hazy, with none of what awaited us foreseen. Shur even if someone did tell you of masks, lockdowns and pubs all shut you’d stifle a laugh and say they were well past half cut.

January was grand, the usual 347 day,long, quiet affair but in February word of the Corona virus crept in here and there. On the last day of February COVID-19 arrived in Ireland with a force that we all struggled to accept and understand. Within 3 weeks every county had cases and lockdown had begun putting a stop to so many things taken for granted and robbing our fun.

On March 12th our schools, colleges and crèches were shut down and March 24th saw many of our shops closed in town.
Paddy’s Day was cancelled with a national address from Leo in its place and we were unable to see our loved ones face to face.
We cocooned, we wore masks and working from home was deemed better the majority of people followed the restriction rules to the letter.

We missed fètes and festivals, most notably The Rose of Tralee
Tidy Towns was cancelled for the first time in its 62 year history.
We queued for shops and kept 2 meters apart from others, we Skyped and Zoom called our fathers and our mothers. We resigned ourselves to being low maintenance and pretended not to care when rocking up with our mono brows and copious grey roots in our hair.


Houses got dolled up with more TLC than ever before and we all got better acquainted with the lawnmower. The curve flattened a bit and things opened up in July bit by bit heeding guidelines mostly but for the odd renegade twit.

Schools and colleges returned at the start of the academic year and we aimed to get into the new normal and dispel fear. Alas, the case numbers have risen to new highs and we are back into lockdown after a short lived reprise. Seeing businesses close again is gut wrenching and we will them to survive with local support when they reopen they should once again thrive.

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There are many positives we can dwell on if we are feeling subdued which many people will as we are definitely not built for solitude. So, know that we are all in this 6 weeks together… one in, all in and if we all take care and responsibility we will be back together again. These past 8 months have shown us the things we hold most dear namely family, friends, good health and for some of us fab hair. It’s also shown us how we always chip in and look out for one and all and no favour is too big to ask, all you gotta do is call.

So let’s settle down again and do our bit once more and in no time at all we’ll be skipping out the door. We’ll meet for coffees, beers and dinners when the coast is clear and PG this dreadful virus has decided to give in and disappear as a year it’s been a strange one I’m sure you’ll all agree this New Years Eve please reconsider what tidings you call out to me.

#wegotthis #rollon2021

Fanacht Sàbhailte gach duine

Tonya Xx

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