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Ark Storytelling Through Song Writing brings an host of international talent to Valentia

Ark Storytelling Through Song Writing brings an host of international talent to Valentia

June O’ Donoghue will launch the inaugural Ark Storytelling Festival which will take place in The Royal Valentia Hotel, Knightstown, Valentia running from April 29th-May 1st inclusive. Hosting an impressive line-up, there is sure to be something to suit everyone. With this year’s festival focusing on song-writing, Emma Edel will kick things off on Friday 29th, already an established singer-songwriter from Valentia, Emma has been writing songs since the tender age of 15. From playing music in The Ruby Sessions, The INEC Acoustic club to the infamous Whelan’s, Emma’s acoustic performance will get things off to an exciting start. Saturday will bring song writing and storytelling workshops from Emma Langford and Sean O’ Laoghaire respectively. With an extensive array of expertise between them, the workshops are sure to enrich the minds and souls of all in attendance. With June’s innovative way of splitting groups, it means that everyone attending will get to do both workshops instead of having the tough task of choosing between the two! Joining the line up on Saturday afternoon is Award winning Brian Kennedy. A household name, Brian will deliver a programme based upon his extensive knowledge and experience within the music industry. The audience at Saturday’s Gala Dinner will also be treated to a live performance by Brian, an opportunity not to be missed! The festival will be wrapped up by Emma Langford Trio joined by Ray Yrure and Alec Brown, both of whom have accompanied Emma on stage since 2016

June O Donoghue told us “I personally love creative writing, but found anytime I wanted to attend events around it, I was always on the road to Tralee or Killarney because there was nothing along those lines in Valentia. So I came up with the idea of bringing creative writing to Valentia, incorporating different mediums. The idea of Ark came to me in the way of Noah’s Ark, keeping precious things safe and alive and that’s what I want to achieve. I believe that everything has a story in it whether its music or drama, movies, advertising etc everything has a story in it and every story has an ark. It’s wonderful to be organising a fun, creative event, bringing amazing talent to the island and showcasing our wonderful local talent too.”

I asked June what her hopes are for the festival, she said “ My hopes are that it will grow year on year and become an annual event. With a different focus every year. This year the focus is storytelling through song writing, there is a mix of workshops for people who may want to learn how to write a song or perhaps are already songwriters who want to perfect their craft a bit more”.

Bringing a unique take on creative writing, Ark Festival is sure to be a very welcome addition to the festival calendar in Kerry and beyond for many years to come.

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