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Ask the expert : Introducing…the Ferrari Facial at The Beauty Rooms Kenmare

Ask the expert : Introducing…the Ferrari Facial at The Beauty Rooms Kenmare

This month we have discovered something amazing in the beautiful town of Kenmare, Aishling and her team at the Beauty Rooms will ensure you are glowing for all those festive moments in the coming month. We ask Aishling to tell us all about it.

Introducing the Ferrari Facial @ The Beauty Rooms Kenmare

As we stepped forward again from behind the veil of being distanced from our customers, I knew I had to bring something new and innovative to the field of beauty that I have spent so much time in… I adore skincare and adore using our affordable and highly effective salon skincare brand ASAP ..

Watching the results unfold, developing a relationship with my client and undergoing the skincare journey with each and every person who entrusts me with their skin whether it is preparing for their wedding, getting ready for grads, overcoming acne or just getting the best skin possible is addictive as a skin therapist !!..

I had noticed that throughout lockdowns my clients had become very well educated in skincare needs and wants, which meant that the bar had risen once more which is always fantastic as it pushes us as service providers to bring more for our customers which means better products, better service and better results each and every time ..

So I introduced the Microplus machine from @asapskin_ireland into the salon when we returned and by using the best of technology with proven results, responses and reliability has allowed me to custom each and every treatment to the skin being cared for..

The reason I call it a ferrari facial is because what do you think of when we say ferrari??? Fast, high end, luxurious and so on..

Blending microdermabrasion with crystal tipped probes, gently buffing and smoothing the skin… Applying a fusion of peptides/acids and prescription peels to achieve amazing results…. And sealing that all in with a sonophoresis treatment means that your future skin will thank you for what you do for it today!!!

If your skin is dry or dehydrated we can quench the thirst of a parched, tight skin with a hydra fusion ferrari facial blend…

If your skin is ageing and lacklustre we can replenish the glow with a rejuvenation cocktail ferrari facial mix..

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If acne is a main concern we can apply a multi prong approach to deliver results each and every time under careful guidance….

If Rosecea is holding you back… We can gently treat, support and nourish that skin back to calmness and soothe the wild redness with our supercalming and strengthening treatment blend…

Whatever your skin concerns, we have the answers, tools and the products to empower, educate and encourage everyone along their skincare journey!!

Get in touch to book your Ferrari Facial to be ready for the red carpet of life…..
FB and Insta: @thebeautyroomskenmare
Ph: 0879027300

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