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Connect Lifestyle December 2020

Connect Lifestyle December 2020

Hi all

Its December, and for a year that we couldn’t do the usual trips or celebrations didn’t it pass by quickly..

I guess you are all gearing up for a busy few weeks, but please be sensible, remember the pandemic hasn’t parked because its December, so just be vigilant.

Can I please ask you to show some respect for the staff in shops when shopping. I know we are all rushing around but those serving us at the counters really don’t deserve the treatment they get from some people, stop and say thank you after your transaction, and for gods sake smile.. it takes 2 muscles to smile and 72 to frown so spread a little cheer as you get your shopping done.

We have lots of ideas here for you this month,  books, gifts, and food ideas, and of course we have some great interviews with the amazing Brennan Brothers, definitely two of Kerry’s best produce, Kevin Dundon chef chats about his life and the lovable Baz Ashmawy, also lots of tips on Christmas cooking, decorating the house and lots more.

I personally just want to say a huge thank you to all of you our readers for your support this year, and for our advertisers too, it’s been tough for everyone so thank you for supporting us. You are the reason we keep doing what we do so happy Christmas to you all.

Christmas is not a happy time for everyone though and we have all lost people we knew and loved through the year so take some time to reflect on this too, and of course our elderly members of society, take the time to check in with them, I know with COVID-19,  visiting is not always possible but please make that phone call, it might be the only call they get in a day so put the smile on their face, as I always say ‘your presence can often be far more priceless than your present’.

So sit back and take time out with your favourite monthly read, and remember we are now taking our well earned break for the year and we will be back with you on the first Tuesday of February again with lots more great interviews, tips and ideas.

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Happy Christmas, stay safe mind yourselves and mind each other

Mags xx

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