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Connect Lifestyle June 2020 Issue 69

Connect Lifestyle June 2020 Issue 69

Well what can I say… it’s been a bit of a roller coaster these past months. Sitting in the office on Thursday March 12th hearing on the radio that the schools were to be closed on Friday March 13th was the beginning of the unknown journey for us all. I had just had coffee with a friend and we were discussing life… we hugged and said, ‘see you next week’, did we ever think that would be the last hug as we know it for a long time. Covid 19 took over our lives really, it changed the way we work and for the majority it too work from us, it stopped us seeing our families and loved ones and I feel in particular for the very young and the very old in our society it has taken life from them in a very harsh way.

I know we have lost many lives through all this and each one of those lives is one too many, we join with their families in remembering them as we write this. None of us every want to face the death of a loved one but having to deal with it alone and not being able to share that death with family and friends must be so much harder. I have had many friends who lost loved ones at this time (not only through covid but for other reasons) and they too were subject to the restrictions, I could only send condolence’s through text, phone or card, and lets face it here in Ireland especially we are renowned for our ‘Irish Funeral’ which some countries find hard to understand, a celebration of their life lived, but being honest it does provide some comfort in those times to be able to chat and reminisce of the good times spent with our loved one who has left us. So again, we say to all of you grieving currently ‘we are thinking of you’. School children have had to learn how to work online again this has been difficult and even more difficult for parents juggling working form home and doing all other chores along with this new responsibility of home-schooling. Personally, I feel the emotional side for our children especially the teenagers who are so used to communicating with their peers each day is a huge change to their lives so be patient with them. its new for them so take the time out to talk and listen to them.

Personally, for me it has been a huge curveball. I would at this point be full of excitement about our upcoming Women in Business Awards, looking forward to the night itself as most of the prep work would be completed by now, the judges would be meeting this week to make their final decisions, The Rose Hotel would be shining the gin glasses and Mark and the team would be floating to ensure stocks were in place, and every hairdresser and beautician across the county would be looking to see how they could add a few hours to the day on June 5th to accommodate the appointments for up styles, curly blow-dries, lashes and lipsticks, it has always been a great event to the economy of the county, but alas this year it has fallen like many more great events, The Rose of Tralee, Puck Fair, Listowel Writers week to name a few, I know there are some fantastic festivals all over the county each year too many to mention but we do recognise you all and we know you will like us be back bigger and better when we get through this. Our Connect Hospitality Awards wont take place either this year, the numbers attending and the controls of social distance won’t allow us so instead we will stand with our friends in the industry and encourage you all to support them in this their time of need. Buy that cup of coffee from the coffee shop, go to lunch or dinner in the restaurant and take that holiday in one of our local beautiful towns around the county, we are spoilt for choice and as they begin to lift the shutters and resume, be there for them and build our economy again.

Where do we go from here, I hear you ask? Well my advice is that we look forward. We look at ways of reinventing our business and our lives, I know for my own business its not an easy one, I rely totally on my advertisers to ensure I have a business. I made the choice to go back to a print issue this month, it certainly wasn’t an easy one and one I know will cost me to ensure I get back on the shelves but its going to cost all businesses in one way or another so I am not writing this looking for sympathy, I guess I am asking you all to consider us in Connect when you are planning your advertising going forward, we are always there to support the business community of Kerry in anyway we can so now we are asking for a little bit of support back, we thank those who support us regularly and we really appreciate it and we would invite those who may never have tried us to give us a go.. if we all do something for each other we will get through this.

2020 will be remembered as a very different year in our life but it will also be remembered as the time we got to spend with each other, life became very simple and for many weeks food on our table and simple things were all we needed, I think it might have made us revalue things too and in the midst of all this I do hope it brought out some of the goodness in all of us. For me I got to spend some valuable time with my son, and we did have lots of fun through it all and made memories that would not often happen due to us all being too busy.

So, while we look forward, we think back, I will leave you with this thought

In your rush to get back to normal life, why not use time to consider what parts of your NORMAL LIFE you want back.

Enjoy your favourite read and thank you again for your unending support of Connect.

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Until next month

Stay safe and mind each other

Mags xx

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