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Connect Lifestyle Magazine August 2020 Issue 71

Connect Lifestyle Magazine August 2020 Issue 71

Hello and welcome to August.

So how are you all doing? Are you finding your way into the new normal? I must say I have been out and about in the county to a few different places for dinner and a break away and the experience overall was a safe and enjoyable one. Covid-19 is going to be around for a while to come so I think we all have to find our own happy medium on it. Don’t lock yourself away, find a balance that suits you, sanitize and wash your hands, wear your face mask and keep safe. Communicate with people really as we all need communication to keep us going. Its ok to make that call and have a chat with someone.

Yes its August and we would normally be looking at all things Festival in this issue but like many other events that’s not to be this year, however we have some great interviews with some great people. We look at the return to school and Susan Quirke Crowley gives us some guidelines on preschool so for any anxious parents wondering how that will all work out, hopefully we will put your mind at ease on that one.

We also feature an update from my trip down south to South Kerry, what a great part of the county to visit, I would highly recommend. And speaking of our county can I ask you all consider shopping local and maybe have a chat with those within your house on the whole online shopping. I have spoken to many retailers over the past few weeks and a lot of them are finding things very quiet. These local retailers provide a great online shopping service so please consider clicking on their site before you click on the high street names. Online shopping has never been busier so make that switch and support local online.

So all things had even though there aren’t many events happening we still have lots for you to read and enjoy this month.

Keep safe, mind yourselves and mind each other.

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Until next month

Mags xx

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