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Connect Lifestyle November 2021

Connect Lifestyle November 2021

Hi everyone,

Its November, those four weeks when we begin to panic and wonder how we will get everything done for Christmas, well a little tip.. it will happen and Christmas will come and go, and while we all love to give and receive gifts at that time of year don’t be pressured, if we
have learned anything over the past year its to look after ourselves and those we love so don’t panic if you haven’t got the amazing gift, something small and thoughtful will be loved just as much. Give someone close to you an extra hour or two a week of your own time, it will be far more appreciated.

We have lots for you to read as we head into the long winter nights.. Jacqui Hurley tells us how sport has become her life, Brian Dowling chats about Christmas loss and enjoying what you do.

Jennifer Rock ‘the Skin Nerd’ has some great new products and gives some tips on keeping our skin good.

Mairead from Achieve Fitness gives some advice on looking after our bodies through menopause and we have all the usual tips and snippets from all our contributors.

Don’t forget next month we will be bringing you the last minute gift ideas, our recommended book list for the pressies and lots more so until then

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Stay safe and mind each other

Mags xx

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