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Gen Z’s Growing Interest in Anti-Aging Treatments Sparks Concerns Among Skin Experts Over Long-Term Consequences

Gen Z’s Growing Interest in Anti-Aging Treatments Sparks Concerns Among Skin Experts Over Long-Term Consequences

Premature adoption of Botox, Fillers, Radiofrequency treatments & more poses risks to physical and mental well-being

In an era fixated on perpetual youth, skin experts are concerned over the progression that even the younger generation, Gen Z, is now increasingly drawn to anti-aging treatments and injectables. While the desire to maintain a youthful appearance is understandable, caution is paramount, particularly when considering such treatments at a young age.

The emerging trend among Gen Z to seek treatments such as Botox is raising concerns about potential long-term consequences. Botox, commonly associated with older age groups, temporarily paralyzes muscles to reduce wrinkles. Starting these treatments prematurely may have unintended negative effects on both physical and mental well-being.

 In addition, the ‘frozen’ look Botox can provide or the distinct look fillers often produce (particularly noticeable are lip fillers) is also now a popular look among certain culture groups of the young. The popularity of this look is being exacerbated and promoted to our youth through Social Media platforms, most notably TikTok.

 Eavanna Breen is one of Ireland’s most immediately recognisable names in skincare. Owner of the renowned ‘Eavanna Breen Skin & Laser Clinic’ of Dublin 2, Eavanna is solely responsible for the glowing, healthy skin of such Irish celebrities as Greg O’Shea, Holly Carpenter, Thalia Heffernan, Erica Cody, Glenda Gilson, Samantha Mumba and many more.

 Speaking about this worrying anti-aging ‘tweakment’ interest among our youth, skin expert Eavanna Breen says:

 “Injecting Botox into youthful skin that hasn’t naturally developed wrinkles may disrupt the body’s natural aging process. Muscles, crucial for facial expressions, play a vital role, and premature inhibition may lead to a loss of emotional expressiveness over time. The risk of an unnatural, frozen appearance is higher when these treatments commence before the skin has had a chance to age gracefully. Generally the optimum time to start anti-aging injectables is around the 30 mark.”

 “I think Gen Z’s interest in anti-aging treatments is primarily down to a number of leading factors, but it is clear all of them stem from Social Media. Gen Z are now being exposed to so much skincare and anti-aging content, that was never really meant for them. They’re learning about treatments and options that older generations weren’t learning about or interested in, until much later in life. I think the constant over-exposure of this content, and particularly seeing influencers they love and want to emulate undergoing such treatments, has made them want the same for themselves, right now. Even though they’re still far too young”.

 “A separate issue, and this is only relevant for certain Gen Z cohorts with particular interests, is that some are also now actively seeking that over-frozen and over-plumped look. It has become a ‘trend’ to want a face that doesn’t move at all, due to so much Botox, or to actively want lips pumped with too much filler. A ‘look’ that has been made popular by certain influencers and celebrities.”

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 Recognising that this issue among Ireland’s Gen Z is on the rise, Eavanna Breen has broken down her top recommendations to help counteract the generational problem:

  • Concerns Regarding Dermal Fillers: Dermal fillers are substances injected to plump and smooth areas, usually within the face. While creating a youthful appearance, it’s crucial to acknowledge that some fillers do not break down completely over time. They can remain in the skin for years, occasionally migrating to unintended areas, leading to asymmetry and an unnatural appearance. The younger you start with fillers, the higher the likelihood they may cause issues in the future.
  • Risks Associated with Overuse of Radiofrequency Treatments: The overuse of radiofrequency treatments, popular among the younger demographic for skin tightening, may pose long-term risks. While providing short-term benefits, excessive reliance on these treatments could compromise the skin’s natural elasticity and reduce vital fat padding that is integral to maintaining a youthful appearance.
  • Encouraging a Holistic Approach: It’s essential for Gen Z to consider the long-term consequences of prematurely adopting anti-aging treatments. Embracing natural beauty and allowing the skin to age gracefully is a powerful statement in a culture that often pressures individuals to conform to unrealistic standards.
  •  Focus on skincare and skin health: Generally anyone under 28-30 is still full of natural collagen, is in the peak of their youth and should not yet be worrying about or investing in anti-aging treatments. From our teenage years, right through to our 20’s, the best thing anyone can do for their skin is focus on their overall skin health. This should be done by a correct, and ideally personalised, skincare plan at home. When I say personalised, I mean set out for you by a skin expert but also by incorporating skincare brands into your routine like ‘Skinmade’, where the products are specifically made for your individual skin, and your skin’s needs only. And where possible, skin-health focused treatments with a professional. Even one treatment per month, combined with the correct home skin care plan for you, generally should have anyone, no matter their age, on their optimum skin-health path.  
  •  Self-love: By choosing a holistic approach that prioritizes overall wellness and self-love, the younger generation can celebrate their individuality without resorting to treatments that may do more harm than good in the long run.


Eavanna Breen and her expert team provide a trustworthy path to skin confidence and optimum skin health. Using their passion, knowledge, and uniquely individual approach to skincare, they deliver the best results, for all age groups. Book in for a skin consultation at the Eavanna Breen Skin & Laser Clinic here, to start your own personalised skin journey.


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