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Good Skin Naturally

Good Skin Naturally

Our skin is the largest organ in the body and covers approximately 20 square feet. It protects us from the elements, regulates the body temperature and allows us the sensations of touch, heat and cold. It is a passageway that helps rid our body of unwanted toxins and prevents chemical and waste build up. If our pores are congested and blocked with chemicals and pollutants this can prevent the skin from functioning properly.

Like every other part of our body, our skin responds to care and attention. Bright, vibrant skin can signal health and vitality. Looking after it, can help slow down the ageing process, keeping it healthier for longer (and keeps us looking better!).

What we put on our skin is just as important as what we put into our bodies; both have an effect on our overall health. Remember your skin absorbs about 60% of what you put on it and when these products contain artificial ingredients this places an unnecessary burden on our bodies’ detoxification process and your immune system, including the skin. Some of these chemicals can build up and remain in the body for long periods of time before they are completely eliminated.

Most of us use several skin and body care products daily, but when was the last time you looked at the ingredients in any of the products you are using? By choosing to use natural or organic products you can be assured this will have a positive effect on your body and your skin. Becoming an informed consumer allows you to make smart choices when purchasing your natural product.

There is a vast selection of natural products available and are just as fabulous and effective as the more widely known brands. Some of our favourite natural moisturisers, cleansers, body washes, etc in-store include HAREBELL HERBS, DR MAHERS, DR HAUSCHKA, TRILOGY, and KINVARA.

Remember healthy skin comes from within so some important supplements to consider include Omega 3:6:9 we would recommend ESKIMO, VIRIDIAN or NORDIC NATURALS. Take a ZINC supplement to help maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. VITAMIN B12 may help with the reduction of tiredness and fatigue (which can show on your skin). POMEGRANATE EXTRACT is high in antioxidants and may help to reduce spots and wrinkles on the skin. SELENIUM is essential to the body’s antioxidant defence. May help prevent DNA from oxidative damage.

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