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Independence at home with the Uccello Kettle

Independence at home with the Uccello Kettle

Getting older can often come with physical and mobility issues that prevent us from doing many of the things that everyone else takes for granted, such as pouring a kettle.

Uccello Designs is a company that specializes in selling functional and stylish products such as the Uccello Kettle for the elderly as well as those who may have limited strength, visibility, mobility, and dexterity. Based in Athlone, Co. Westmeath and headed up by one of our very own Kerry men, Uccello Designs is going from strength to strength.

“At Uccello, we focus on making people’s lives easier by designing and manufacturing stylish and innovative products like the Uccello Kettle.”

The Uccello Kettle is an innovative assistive living product. Generally, with such products, the focus is on function. Many assistive living products look like they belong in a hospital and not in our homes. Thankfully both form and function were taken into account when it came to designing the Uccello Kettle and we now have a unique styled easy pour kettle.

There are many other kettles and kettle tippers out there where you need to strap your kettle in, and it can look a sight. Not the mention the fact that you still have the full weight of a boiling kettle on your hands, wrists, and arms.

With the Uccello Kettle’s rotating cradle, it moves around the body of water to assist the flow of the pour, so you never have to lift, balance, or strain yourself again when pouring the kettle.

This kettle is a game changer! The Uccello Kettle plays a key role in improving kitchen safety and boosts your own sense of confidence, self-reliance and independence at home.


“Making people’s lives easier is what we do”

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The company is coming up on its 7th year in business and has recently been the proud recipient of a number of awards for safety, style and the All-Ireland, business all-stars Best-In-Class Global Customer Service Accreditation 2021.

To date they have been able to positively impact close to 300,000 people around the world, bring safety, independence and a happier experience to their kitchens. You can learn more and purchase directly from their website Uccello Designs Here



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