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Minding your Skin and finding the balance

Minding your Skin and finding the balance

So, I finally got to visit Paradise Hair and Beauty recently to try the new facials available.

DIBI MILANO is an award-winning skincare brand and is the leading cosmeceutical brand in Italy. Now available at Paradise Hair and Beauty Tralee. This facial is done to suit your needs, as there is a skin analysis done to begin the procedure, this will shoot five polarised images giving unique results to detect oil, water, collagen production, wrinkles, bacteria, and sensitivity levels in the skin.

I choose to go for the Age Method Facial which is suitable for all skin types but particularly during perimenopause and Menopause.

This facial is inspired by science of genetics, and is specifically created for menopausal and hormonal skin, it reconstructs the skin and protects against damage caused by hormonal ageing. The products are so smooth going on and there is no tingle that you often get from other skin treatments. They are highly nourishing and will help minimise the lines and wrinkles that arrive on our skin because of what life throws at us, whilst at the same time strengthening the structure of the skin. My Therapist Christine was fantastic, she had profound knowledge of skin and that combined with the amount she understood about menopause and hormonal activity, she was just amazing. She used a product called Tetrapeptide 5, to stimulate collagen production which all ladies of our age should be ensuring we are doing, an Alginate mask was placed on my skin which has powerful purifying properties, the sugar complex in this also boosted the natural moisture of the skin. During this time Christine did a mini hand and foot massage, which was absolute heaven,

Christine also showed me all the products used on me and the beauty of all this is that they can be purchased and used at home in between facials.

Step 1; Renew your skin with intensive peeling mask. This can be left on your skin for 5 mins and then rinse, repeat this once a week for excellent results.

Step 2; protect and restructure your skin with day and night youth impulse cream, this is available for all skin types.

Step 3; Counteract the damage of skin and hormonal ageing with Sumptuous 24h Youth cream with sun filters, this is the best ally to fight wrinkles, specifically for menopausal women.

Step 4; Your Multitasking product- Baume Deluxe 2 in 1. A nourishing black butter with three uses; it can be an eye lip contour morning and evening, discover its antiaging function on the neck or apply it after the usual cream as a night mask and leave it on overnight.

This is a new step for our skin and I cant emphasize enough how important it is to take care of our skin. I would highly recommend you try this for yourself.

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I know they are doing some amazing offers at Paradise at the minute so definitely worth checking out

Insta, facebook: @paradisetralee

Ph: (066) 719 7951


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