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Music in the Kingdom – Tanya O’Sullivan

Music in the Kingdom – Tanya O’Sullivan

Hey Tanya, absolutely delighted to speak with you!

Firstly welcome home from Canada! Congrats on all your recent achievements, tell us what made you make the move back?

Thank you so much for having me! It’s so lovely to chat with you!

Yes, I returned home from Canada last year and it was definitely a decision that I went back and forth with for a while as I was doing a lot of gigging and recording in Toronto during that time and I absolutely loved my life there but I think I was ready to make the move home given
the pandemic hitting and missing friends and family back home. It’s great to be back in Ireland now and Canada will always be there when I want to return for visits.

You’ve recently opened your own music school and tied it in with mindfulness, what inspired you to tie the two and what can students expect?

Yes, I have recently opened my music coaching school called Mindful Music Coach. This is something that I have always wanted to do. Obviously, I have been playing music since I was a kid and have had some incredible music teachers along the way who have all inspired and encouraged me. I had been teaching in a music school in Toronto for two years before returning home and also ran a music programme in an elementary school over there while I continued my music studies and decided that If I was to return home that I would continue to teach music. I have also had a huge interest in positive mental wellbeing as I am someone who has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for many years. I always had anxiety but the panic attacks began in my 20’s where I regularly ended up in A & E with severe panic episodes. I discovered mindfulness a couple of years ago and It really helped me to manage my panic attacks and from there I began doing Mindfulness courses and eventually trained to become a Mindfulness for Wellbeing Teacher. I now offer a combination of music and mindfulness classes which has gained a lot of interest from parents with the current rise of anxiety disorders. Learning all of these tools for mindfulness, breathing, the focus, ability to control our thoughts and reactions works really well with music. Each practice enhances the other and I am so happy to be able to see the positive impacts this has on children, teens and adults.

Your own music career is taking off and you’ve had the opportunity to write with some amazing artists, tell us all about the process and what your goals are!

Creating music has always been my number one passion. I began composing music on a toy keyboard at the age of 7 and have just continued to create music since. I have been gigging since I was a teen and I have been very lucky to play support to many established artists along the way. I am currently co- writing with some amazing artists and recording and am really excited to share some original music soon. I still pinch myself at the fact that I am able to make my passion into my career and my main goal is just to compose, record and play gigs as nothing beats the enjoyment I get from this.

You’re a well recognised wedding and event vocalist, how was covid for you and what are your hopes for the future of your performing, especially coming up to Xmas season.

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I definitely struggled with lockdown along with everyone else and not being able to play live gigs was just heartbreaking for so many musicians but it has definitely made me appreciate it so much more now and it’s great to be back taking bookings again. I am definitely looking forward to the busy season as it’s been quiet for so long.

Where can people check out and follow your journey?

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