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New Year New You

New Year New You

Its January and it’s the month we all dread, time to start looking at getting healthy and fit, we have all eaten too much and overindulged in the sweet tin or the wine fridge,. We caught up with some experts to give us valuable tips to make it a little easier to start the new lifestyle. Shane Finn of WK Fitness Dingle gives us a few tips on getting focused and ready to go

Shane what would you suggest to get started?

Just start. Starting is the hardest, think of how many times you may have started before or tried to start and you didn’t know what you were doing or how you were going to do it. So many people make the step and the start to get fitter and healthier only to quit. People quit for a number or different reasons. It’s too hard, they don’t enjoy it or perhaps the style of training is not fun. Start with something you find fun, which may be going to classes or group workouts, cycling or going to the gym! Find what you like and work from there!

Set goals. It’s very important to set goals. Even top athletes set both shirt and long term goals. For example you may want to lose 4 pounds every 14 days, this is a short term goal. Your long term goal could be to fit into a dress or pants that you wore 2 years ago. Without goals, training has no purpose. There must he purpose. Having a goal to lose weight is simply too vague, set a goal and a target. When you reach your goals set new and exciting ones!

Motivate yourself. Unless the motivation comes from within it won’t last. Deep motivation, the type that can change your life comes from within. The quick motivation that comes from watching a YouTube video or reading a magazine lasts about 90 minutes. Find what motivates you and use it as your weapon! Motivation to us is seeing clients and WK Fitness members get up at 6.15am 5 mornings a week to train month after month after month. These people are clearly very motivated. The people that get up once or twice for an early workout don’t have that motivation and never really stick it out unfortunately. Food.

Food is fuel. You wouldn’t put cooking oil in your car and expect it to perform. You would use diesel or petrol, usually the best type of diesel or petrol you could get. Your body should be the same. Treat it with respect, at the end of the day it’s the only place you are really guaranteed to live. Clear your cupboards of processed foods get as much natural and single ingredient foods into your diet as possible and drinks lots of water. This is the big secret folks, but not enough people know it! Eat real foods and train hard and you will see amazing results. We have done so time and time again. People get real long lasting results.

Lifestyle change. The goal is to make a total lifestyle change. To stress less, people stress way too much! Stress raises cortisol levels in the body and make us store fat. Make correct food and training choices. Develop a better sleeping pattern. Most people don’t sleep enough and their health suffers from it. Put stress and not enough sleep together in the human body and you’re looking at a real ideal situation for weight gain and fat storage. Find what your ideal night’s sleep is. For some it’s 6 hours & others it’s 8. You should wake up feeling refreshed and ‘awake’. We try and make a full change to our client’s lives from fitness, nutrition, stress and developing a work life balance!

The gym may not be for everyone so we also had a chat with Izabela from Kerry Pilates to get her advice on Pilates and the benefits to us.

Iazbela Pilates is an exercise which is good for both the body and the mind could you give us an idea of what this form of exercise involves?

Pilates is a gentle mind-body exercise designed to develop strength and flexibility. It will improve your coordination, posture and increase abdominal strength. Pilates focuses on core stability. When your core is strong, it makes the whole body look leaner, more toned and your posture is stronger. That helps with performing everyday tasks, such as sitting at desk at work or carrying your children. With a strong centre and proper posture, you are less likely to injure yourself. That’s why Pilates helps to decrease back, hip, neck and joint pain.
People of all sizes, shapes and ages can perform and benefit from Pilates.

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Finally we asked Majella in Curves for her top tips to get motivated and started for 2015

January has arrived …our bellies are full, we are tired and despondent and the guilt of the Christmas overindulgence is rearing its ugly head. The buzz word is “New Year’s Resolutions”.

Be sensible and practical in your goals. We need to approach 2015 with enthusiasm and challenge ourselves to make this the year that we change our life for the better. Think of lifestyle changes rather than a crash diet and over exercising. Make a plan, write it down…Make your goals SMART…Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Specific. Make small changes every week and let the small positive changes become the norm .Remember you can’t outrun your mouth!!… so no amount of exercise can compensate for a poor diet…Look at the 4 components of healthy living…good nutrition, exercise, water and a positive mental attitude.Preperation is key…if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail…try to be good at least 90% of the time but do remember to treat yourself at least once a week. Be mindful, take it day by day and live by the motto “if it’s meant to be it’s up to me”….no more excuses. May 2015 bring you and your family good health….Good luck…Majella Curves Tralee

So really no matter what your fitness level or indeed your body tolerance there is something to suit everyone so think healthy think fit this January and make it a new year and a new you…

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