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Thats Perfect – Spring/Summer Stock

Thats Perfect – Spring/Summer Stock

Hello Connect Readers,

Happy new year to ye all and let’s hope it is a year that we can kick this Covid lark to touch. Can hardly believe that January is gone, and I know it is probably the most annoying statement one is likely to hear but “there is definitely a stretch in the evenings”

Here in the shop February is a lovely time, we are getting in our Spring/Summer stock daily and we lots of colours to brighten our days. We have included some images just to tease you. Even though we are curtailed in our outings there is no reason not to brighten up an outfit with a scarf or bag or both…..

Just getting away from That’s Perfect stock for a moment, I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel, people seem less stressed and hopeful maybe it is the time of the year,
Little green shoots in the garden, slightly longer days and cows calving ( I am still a country girl at heart) so all in all we need to look forward as my Dad would say ” you won’t go far if you keep looking backwards ”

Now before I sign off I want to let ye know we have got the FFP 2 mask in stock both black and white. They come in packs of 2 for €5.00, packs of 10 for €20.00 and packs 20 for €35.00. If you need these or any of our masks do not hesitate to contact us.

Will sign off now as I have to empty a shelf both in the shop and a home for the lots of Valentine cards I hope to receive!!!!!!!

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Until the next time, Keep safe,
Keep smiling, And be kind


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