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The first FSG Emerald Award for Sustainability in the world goes to The Rose Hotel in Tralee

The first FSG Emerald Award for Sustainability in the world goes to The Rose Hotel in Tralee

 Pictured were L/R : , Mike O’Shea , Michele King , Odran Lucey , Mark Sullivan , Fiona Conway and David Fitzgerald . Seated Orla Greaney and Mary Lynch 

The Rose Hotel is the first hotel in the world to achieve the coveted Emerald Status Award by environmental educational company Fifty Shades Greener. Odran Lucey, the hotel’s Green Manager and Executive Head Chef has been a force of nature when it comes to leading The Rose Hotel on their sustainable journey.

Odran also became the first level 6 qualified Green Manager in the world in 2022, allowing him to be acknowledged for the environmental management skills he had gained through the Fifty Shades Greener qualification.

To achieve the Emerald Award, The Rose Hotel have been measuring and reducing their energy and water use and waste production, they have also measured their carbon emissions, completed many actions to reduce their pressure on these resources and created an Environmental Policy and Action Plan to commit themselves to future reduction. They have now proven their continued efforts with a reduction of their overall carbon footprint since they achieved a Silver Award at the beginning of 2022. Now in 2023, they have successfully brought down their carbon footprint by an impressive 32%.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have received the Emerald Award, this is the accolade we had been striving to achieve. This award could only be achieved with a great team effort, it is easy to get distracted with day to day business but the Emerald Award was a great focus on our sustainability journey, and we got there. The Rose Hotel have reduced the carbon footprint, something we hear about so often in the media, by 31%, this reduction is amazing. To be the first hotel in the world to be awarded the coveted Emerald Status Award by FSG is a great honour”. Odran Lucey, Executive Head Chef

Fifty Shades Greener (FSG) provides environmental educational programmes for Hospitality, Schools and adult learners, while also providing consultancy services to governments, educational institutions and businesses internationally. 

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“One of the biggest challenges we face is for society to think Climate Change is someone else’s problem to fix, resulting in inaction. Education is the key to that problem. Education can ensure that our future leaders, business owners and individuals of society have a proper understanding of sustainable development, taking personal responsibility for their own actions without looking around to blame others. Environmental education and carbon emissions management should be part of all of our educational curriculums, from primary schools all the way to third level education. This is the only way to build a carbon conscious society, a society that is aware of their own environmental impact but also that has the skills and knowledge to reduce this impact.” Explains Raquel Noboa, founder & CEO of Fifty Shades Greener.

But the sustainability journey continues and In order to keep their momentum going and continue to reduce their Carbon emissions, The Rose Hotel have become members of the FSG Alumni Programme, committing themselves to further initiatives, developments and reductions of CO2 with the help of the FSG team.

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