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Transform by Mon

Transform by Mon

By Cathriona Murphy 

Monika, can you tell us what different types of procedures you currently provide in terms of permanent makeup?
Powder Brows(shaded technique), Nano Brows (hairstroke technique), Lip Blush, and Eyeliner

With so many different options for eyebrows, can you explain in detail please what each treatment entails and the differences?
Having learned all recent techniques of Permanent Make Up I’m able to provide the best way of creating brows for each customer. I can mix and match techniques for the best outcome without brows looking fake or tattooed. My aim is always for a natural effect. Powder Brows technique is natural shading that creates full brow. Nano Brows are hairstroke brows that looking like natural brow hair blended in with your own brows and combination brows are my favourite when hairstrokes and shading are mixed together. I just love the versatility of it.

Sometimes the term permanent can be scary to new clients, what would you say to someone considering having a permanent procedure?
If I’m discussing a Permanent Make Up treatment with a potential customer, I’m just showing them my genuine work. I think this is the best and most honest way if your work can speak for itself. I’m always posting videos of my work because you can’t doctor or photoshop them. I’m also advising everyone to check out Permanent Make Up Artist abilities and your expectations by simply getting Henna Brows done first and if you happy with shape and overall outcome you forming client-therapist trust then.

Following on from that question, tattoos can be painful on the body so can you tell our readers how permanent makeup compares pain wise to body tattoos?
Semi-Permanent form of make-up I provide is far apart from getting tattoo. There’s no pain, no blood, no skin damage. Tattoo artists are working on deeper level of skin and procedure is done permanently. With brows if you won’t upkeep them by getting them topped up once a year or less they’ll just fade away without trace after 1 to 3 years (all depending on skin age and condition).

We spend a fortune on lipsticks that promise to remain for hours upon hours but sometimes just don’t last as long as promised, what are the benefits of permanent lip colour and how many shades can your clients choose from?
As we get older our skin loses elasticity and when it comes to lips, our natural lip pigment intensity just goes down. Lip Blush helps maintain natural lip shape and accent outline and it’s a fantastic alternative to Lip fillers as it makes lips looking bigger. There’s endless palettes of colours available. From prominent reds to different shades of pink or peach colours. For a natural, classic look there’s plenty of trendy nudes as well.

Is there a maintenance/upkeep of these procedures to consider when having them done?
There’s no maintenance or upkeep required apart from touch up session once a year or less when they start to fade away but that’s the beauty of it- ability to adjust brow shape to forever changing face. Other than that it’ll save you a fortune on monthly brow appointments. And every day you basically “wake up with make-up”.

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If a client is interested in these procedures, can they book a consultation and if yes, what would a consult entail?
I’m always advising to do consultation before actual procedure. You are getting to meet me and form an opinion of me and if you trust me with such an important thing as your face. Im able to explain everything and put you at ease. Im always projecting future brows on each customer so they are able to see my vision and be able to put their input om it.

You also provide training programs, would you like to tell us more about these?
I got qualified as an educator and trainer. At the moment I’m offering Brow Stylist courses and they are very popular. Brow Stylist are for people with experience in beauty industry or without any as well. I’m in process of accrediting myself with AIT so I’ll be providing basic and masterclass courses in Permanent Make up as well.

Finally, is there any new services coming this year to your salon
If there’s any new services coming into salon this year it’ll be latest developments in Permanent Make up and skincare always staying on top with latest technologies and techniques so you’ll be always seeing me upskilling and upgrading so you have best possible treatments available here with me. Other than that I’ll be concentrating on my future Academy and my own unique style of training I’m developing myself choosing completely different direction that is used at the moment so watch this space…

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