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When Did You Start Up Zenergy? and Why?

When Did You Start Up Zenergy? and Why?

Nicola, can you tell us what inspired you to start up Zenergy?
Many years ago I suffered severe burnout from having three businesses to run and having four small kids all happening together. When conventional medicine failed me I started looking for other alternatives. I started researching nutrition for my chronic anxiety and fell into a whole new world. I must have read 50 books on nutrition and also saw a very interesting documentary on Netflix called fat, sick and nearly dead. It has been a long journey for me but nutrition is vitally important to keep my head above water. I really do believe there is massive healing in natural foods. Nutrition is only one piece of my jigsaw. I do mindfulness, yoga, tms and nutrition and the combination is working well at the moment.

Was it difficult to get started with equipment etc.?
I convinced my husband to go to Barcelona to see a juicer that I wanted to purchase and two week later it arrived from America. It was massive money to invest at the time but I was willing and determined to make a go of it. Zenergy is based in Killarney and we only do door to door deliveries to provide our customers with top class nutrition in a drink. Raw cold press juicing is a hard business and is very time consuming and very precise. It takes a huge amount of time making these juices but you can be guaranteed that they are what they say in the tin.

What sets your product apart from others?
We never pasteurize any of our juices because when you pasteurize a juice it is heated to a certain temperature which will kill off any of the bacteria that would spoil a juice but this also kills off the goodness that should be in juice. Juices these days are mostly pasteurized. Pasteurized juice gives a longer shelf life of a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Juice should not sit on a shelf for weeks or months on end it needs to be made and consumed as soon as possible. I did the Food Academy program with the Kerry Enterprise board a couple of years ago and I was successful in getting into all the Supervalu ‘s in Kerry. I did it for a couple of weeks and it nearly broke me, not financially but in spirit. I would spend all this time making these juices and would hate to see the way they looked on the shelf, compared to other juices but we weren’t comparing like with like. Pasteurized juices always look amazing they never separate as they have added stabilizers. A lot of juice companies also add water, artificial flavours, artificial colours or artificial preservatives to make juices look more appealing on the shelf. Our juices are just pure natural untreated Raw cold pressed juice that has nothing added and nothing taken away. It is so time consuming but it is a labour of love.

What do you love most about running Zenergy?
I absolutely love when I get phone calls and emails from customers who have gone on the Juice Cleanse and it has helped them in some way. The cleanse give our customers a great start on their own health and healing journey. I really believe in the power of nutrition for a lot of health problems these days. My job really works for me now as I work in Killarney mostly. I have a cafe in Killorglin with a fantastic team who have been with us for years. They are like part of our family. Patricia our manager does a fantastic job in running Zest from day to day. I love working in Zest with the girls as we all get on so well. Our customers are great and have supported us in the worst times in business. I was lucky enough to trust Patricia to run Zest while I was able to put all my time into Zenergy in Killarney. We start juicing at 5am when our deliveries arrive. They are thoroughly washed and prepared then our courier company collects at 6 PM to dispatch our boxes nationwide and offer next day deliveries.

Can you explain the products and who it might benefit?
The most popular Item in Zenergy is the three-day juice cleanse. This is where people consume juice only for the three-day period. Everybody experiences the cleanses differently. It is a very difficult three days but on the fourth day the benefits are clear to see and people feel that their energy is restored along with losing a few pounds. Their taste buds are reset after the fourth day and everything tastes really sweet, so this is the best time to cut out sugar and start a new way going forward. Most of our customers cleanse every two months just for a general reset and to recharge energy and nourish the body. Most people lose a good amount of weight but it is more about nourishing the body to function better rather than losing weight. It is what you do after the cleanse that will make all the difference. We provide video demonstration on how to make breakfast super food bowls that will take minutes to make and taste amazing. I was absolutely thrilled to win the entrepreneur of the year award at the Connect Kerry women in business. I think you need a lot of drive passion and commitment in any business. It takes a lot of tears but if you really believe you have a great product eventually it will come right. I am passionate about juicing and absolutely love making a difference to people’s lives and health. Our newest functional juices are shark juice and charcoal lemonade. Shark juice is for someone who really needs a boost of minerals and vitamins. It contains Organics Spirulina which has an incredible amount of benefits. Our Charcoal lemonade is for a general detox. Charcoal latches on the toxins in the body and expels them. We do baby shark juices and unicorns juices for kids which are also flooded with goodness. They are ideal for picky eaters. Zenergy is more than a beverage, they are functional juices. You should feel a difference when consumed regularly.

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