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Achieve Your Fitness

Achieve Your Fitness

At Achieve fitness we recognise that the first step on any lifestyle change or weight loss journey can be daunting , It is this first step that indicates that you are ready for change. Unfortunately many of us have struggled with weight loss for a considerable time, we have been ill informed, sold expensive fads with all sorts of crazy promises, we have starved ourselves, we are slaves to the scales, we fall on and off the proverbial band wagon. Well enough is enough. Let’s start with the basics. First things first. No more starving yourself, no more yo-yo ing, and no short lived results. We will be bringing you advice and tips every month to help you on your way. This month we are going to start with the foundation of a healty permanent fat loss journey and the creation of a healthy lifestyle.

CHANGE – in order to change your body, you need to change your lifestyle. Unless you change what you are doing now – nothing will change.

CALORIE DEFICIT – plain and simple – to loose body fat you have to feed your body with less calories than you use.

RESISTANCE /STRENGTH TRAINING – is proven to be the most efficient form of exercise to loose body fat. The training causes microscopic tears in your muscles and your body has to work (consuming calories ) to repair these tears. Results- fat loss, toned muscle and a more efficient metabolism- all good 😀

FAT LOSS NOT WEIGHT LOSS – from now on I am going to refer to weight loss as fat loss because that is what we need to concentrate on. We have become a total slave to the scales. When I speak with a new client one of the comments I hear regularly is I want to be 10 stone, or I would like to get back to my pre baby weight. In reality the scales or weight alone is not a true reflection of body size or confirmation. Combining resistance or strength training with a calorie deficit diet is the most effective way to loose fat. BUT and heres the thing – the toned muscle weighs more than fat but is smaller in size. Thus we will be smaller, i.e wear a smaller size in clothes but this may not register on the scales . Moral of the story. Judge your success on size reduction not weight loss alone.

PATIENCE – in most cases our weight gain hasn’t happened overnight therefore we shouldn’t expect it to disappear quickly. We need to gradually adjust our eating habits , our exercise or movement volume resulting in a new norn- a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Our new life style should be balanced. Adhering to the 80/20 rule – being good 80% of the time and relaxing 20% of the time. Totally resistrcing ourselves wont work in the longterm.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE – Remember this is a positive experience. You are going to feel better, look better and be healthier. Focus on the positives- want you can do and eat versus what cant.

GOALS – Keep them realistic and measurable- aim to drop one dress size at a time. Or run a specific distance in a time.

Taking these basic guidelines into account here are some simple tips to get you started.

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# cut down on your portion size
# eat less high calorie high sugar foods and increase whole foods, and vegetables
# enjoy a treat at the weekend and straight back to it on Monday
# move more – 10,000 steps per day
# do some form of resistance/strength training
# while a personal trainer will need to weigh you to work out your daily
calorie intake originally- throw away the scales – focus on body measurements.
# drink a min of 2 L of water per day
# be patient, be honest with yourself, enjoy and trust the process.
#buy something in a smaller dress size. Hang it outside your wardrobe.
When you wake up every morning- that’s your motivation
Start your journey today.

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