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Award winning beauty therapist Elaine Higgins of Pure Beauty Salon in Dingle, who has a special passion for facials is joining us to give us some tips and advice on looking after our skin, this month she tells us about.

Getting Back to In Salon Facials

Now that we are starting to get back to some normality again it is time to book yourself in for a well overdue facial. In salon treatments are what can create change and get you over the line with your skincare goals but you’re at home skincare routine is responsible for 80% of your skincare goals.

So, what can we do to help achieve
these goals at home?

It all starts with a skin consultation. This is where any good skincare journey begins. Having a trained and experienced professional look at your skin and discuss your concerns, budget and lifestyle will have you on the right track from the beginning. Ensuring you’re getting all the key ingredients that your skin needs to achieve your goals and that you are using the products correctly. In a consultation, you will not only plan your homecare routine but you’re in-salon treatments can be discussed also.

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of a home care routine, it is quite simple.

Aim to start with your core 4 steps!

  1. Cleanse
  2. Serum
  3. SPF
  4. Night-time treatment cream/serum

After you have gotten used to this 4-step plan then your therapist will advise you on adding in any “add on’s” such as retinol, an exfoliator, masks etc. Start simple and build from there.

Using a good homecare routine will increase the benefits of your in salon facial treatment and will ensure you are getting the best results.

A few things to remember before your Facial Treatment.

See Also

Please avoid the following for 3 days prior/post any facial treatments:

• Vitamin A: specifically, retinol
• Please avoid the following for 1 day prior/post any facial treatments:
• Shaving or depilatory creams
• AHA’s – glycolic acid
• Please avoid the following for 7 days prior/post any facial treatment:
• Steroid Cream
• Do not wax the area.
•Prescribed Retinol A cream

To ensure you get the best for your skin and to ensure you are getting the best from you budget, skin consultations are imperative. I always tell my clients not to over think things. Work your skincare to suit your lifestyle and budget and above all keep it simple and enjoy it!

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