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Essential oils have many uses and our sense of smell, being linked to our emotions, plays the largest part in recognizing the power of aromatherapy and certain essential oils can help with various health and wellbeing issues.

Essential oils are often used to promote well being on different levels – physical, mental and emotional. There are several ways of using essential oils all of them very pleasant, these include massage, bathing, compress and inhalation (never use them orally). Proper use of the oils helps to promote a more balanced lifestyle. They may also prevent you from succumbing to everyday illness and effects of stress. A balanced state of mind promotes vitality and better ability to cope with difficult events. Use of aromatherapy can also help to stimulate the immune system avoiding the “run down” feeling that can lead to cold and flu.

Some of the more common everyday health issues where aromatherapy can help include:

Mental Fatigue: BASIL OIL stimulates the brain and is fantastic to refresh your mental powers during a demanding day. During exams or for anybody who needs to concentrate for long periods of time. Because oil of basil is so strong, simply using one or two drops of this oil on a tissue is sufficient to refresh brain matter; may also be added to hot water in an oil burner for use at home or in the office.

Insomnia: LAVENDER for anyone experiencing insomnia, if possible take a bath about one hour before bedtime and add 4 to 5 drops of lavender oil. No washing or scrubbing…this bath is purely for rest and relaxation. Stay as long as you feel comfortable adding more hot water if necessary. After leaving the bath, put 1 to 2 drops of NEROLI oil on the edge of your pillow or on a tissue and place it where you can breathe in the vapours. A more powerful sedative oil is MARJORAM, although the smell isn’t as pleasant as Lavender or Neroli, but it will invariably ensure a good nights sleep.

Off Days: CLARY SAGE is great for anyone who is subject to “Off Days” when the slightest thing can turn you into a nervous wreck, may benefit from this oil. When you are feeling low it helps you to take control of your emotions. It is also known as a euphoric oil.

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Emotional Balancing: GERANIUM oil is very beneficial for balancing extremes, whether it’s on a physical or emotional level. Great for the bath or for use in the burner.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: PATCHOULI oil, one of the more versatile and celebrated oils, works great where there may be negative feelings such as anxiety, anger and even sadness. Pop a few drops in your oil burner to release its therapeutic properties. The strong, sweet, spicy, musky aroma of this oil also works great as a natural deodorant, just dilute a few drops in a small spray bottle with water.

As always we are instore to discuss and advise you on the full range of essential oils and which ones may suit your requirements best, just call in.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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