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Virtual Tourism Boost for Ireland

Virtual Tourism Boost for Ireland

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit many industries hard worldwide, however, the Irish tourist industry has been almost decimated by the lack of international visitors. Travel windows have provided little relief and it leaves many travel companies struggling in these uncertain times.

However, one entrepreneurial travel company owner in Dingle has found some respite from the lack of customers travelling to the area.  Rory Brosan, owner of award-winning tour company Dingle Slea Head Tours, has used the lull in customers to reshape his business to ensure that when the travel restrictions lift, Ireland is foremost in travellers minds.

Rory has created a series of ‘virtual tours’ of Dingle and the West Coast of Ireland. The idea has been welcomed by Tourism Ireland and what was intended to be a one-off experience has now been expanded to become a series which will be available to purchase from Dingle Slea Head Tours’ website.

Rory Brosnan commented, ‘2020 has been a disastrous year for the travel industry.  The bulk of visitors to Ireland come from the USA and with travel restrictions in place, this has meant that footfall is down 100% in most cases. ‘

‘We quickly realised that Covid-19 wasn’t going anywhere fast and to safeguard the business and the tourism industry in Ireland, that something had to change.  If people can’t come to Ireland, then we thought we could take Ireland to them.’

‘The video series showcases all the natural beauty of the west coast of Ireland, presented by a couple of our wonderful guides, who describe the areas we visit with great humour and a wealth of knowledge.’

‘This is not going to singlehandedly save the Irish tourist industry, but we have to keep the idea of Ireland alive in these tough times and give people something to dream about.’

The video series is available to subscribe to at

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