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From salon to stardom, Instagram star and Kerry native Clodagh Moore talks career and being signed by one of Irelands most exclusive agencies.

From salon to stardom, Instagram star and Kerry native Clodagh Moore talks career and being signed by one of Irelands most exclusive agencies.

Clodagh, can you tell us how your online career started out for you?
I don’t even know how it started to be honest it was more accidently? I never intended on doing Instagram as a job, I used to get numerous messages all the time from people asking me about the outfit I was wearing. Before Instagram really became a thing people would tell me I should tag my outfits or look for an outfit for someone else. People would message me for advice on outfits etc. My first collaboration was around 3 years ago with the Irish company VaVaVoom. Essentially I just picked out a top and a skirt off their website and they sent it out to me it wasn’t paid or anything it was just a gifted collaboration, it just went viral! They said they had never seen someone’s picture blow up so much for the first picture and the two pieces I showed actually sold out on the website. After that it just spiralled really and just kept getting better.

You recently signed with the exclusive Andrea Roche Agency, how is that going for you?
I joined them this year, only a few months now but its lovely. They are so helpful because I didn’t know much about this industry when I got into it, we’ll say when it comes to working with businesses I never knew what to charge? If someone offered me something I had no idea if that was my worth so they’re helpful that way because I’ll send them on my insights and my reactions on Instagram and they will tell me what my financial worth is. They then get on to the company so if anyone contacts me now it all goes through the agency which is a lot easier for me.

How do you find balancing your day job as a hairdresser in Paradise Hair and Beauty with the online work?
The good thing about it is my boss, Romy, she’s very understanding when it comes to both careers that I have because I love both of them but obviously I couldn’t commit to hairdressing full time. There is a lot of work in the Instagram world and I am getting a lot busier since I joined the agency so I can work in the salon as much as I used to? So I’m up there 3 days a week every second week which works out perfect for me because I already have my own clientele that I just do myself and if somebody new wants to come to me I would be open to that as well of course. It’s good for Romy as well though because if I’m too busy one of the other girls can take on the new clients then. It works out well for everybody really?

Going back to the Instagram side is there anything exciting coming up for you over the next few months?
There’s a few things, one or two things that I’m not allowed to talk about and I hate saying that! It is a lot harder being from Kerry when you’re trying to be in that industry because for the first couple of years everything was in Dublin although it has gotten better in recent years. In the first few years I wasn’t making enough money to financially cover the cost of travelling and staying in Dublin to attend events. I find now though since lockdown I have benefitted loads because obviously with all of the staycations everyone was looking for nice places to go and Kerry is so popular in the summer time. I love adventuring around Kerry so to be able to collaborate with Kerry hotels and businesses has been amazing.

What is the goal for you over the next 5 years?
If you asked me this a year ago I would have always thought hairdressing would be a part of my life but I do find a pull towards the Instagram world. I do think it was definitely something that was made for me and I get that a lot because people always say to me even though I don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers I still think my followers are very interested in what I do. I have a good reaction to my following. Even at times I would be on zoom meetings where there are the bigger influencers which is insane for me because I still see myself as small but the likes of Louise Cooney, Love Lauren, all those girls which is huge for me. I never thought I would be as big as them but I would love to do it full time. It’s a lovely job, you meet so many people.

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Would you ever foresee yourself going down the TV or acting route?
Yes, I think so? I definitely would, I’ve actually been asked to go on a load of dating shows now I would never go on any of those! But it is funny when I get the messages because I have a boyfriend so we just laugh about it! But
I would love to get into television. Believe it or not I would actually be a very shy person so I would have to overcome that before I put myself out there!

For more information you can find clodagh on
Instagram @clodaghmoore4

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