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Music in the Kingdom Bob Corkey

Music in the Kingdom Bob Corkey

Bob Corkey is a man of many talents and a big personality to match all the big goals and achievements he’s accomplished! Live music doesn’t work without the expertise of those behind the scenes and Bob is a master and hails from Tralee!

Bob, amazing to speak`to you and really appreciate your time!

Tell us all about your Tralee roots firstly!
I come from St. John’s Park in Tralee, so I’m always glad to tell people I’m a “Rockie” ..! We grew up a lucky family of seven, with Mum Betty & Dad Herbert, two lovely parents who typified the Tralee spirit… always hopeful, positive thinking folk who loved dancing, movies, and nightlife and who encouraged us to follow our passions. We always had music and song in the house, because we had very understanding and patient neighbours like the Ryans & Fernanes! All of us boys and girls are still here now, and very close through the effects of these tough times, and whenever we can, we celebrate being together with some fine craic!

Who were your influences to progress onto what you do now?
I am so grateful every day, for the many opportunities that true and kind hearts in Tralee put in my way during my early days of being ambitious and fascinated by Film and TV Production… Mick O’Meara and Seán Cleary in Photography, Padraig Kennelly in News Reportage, Roddy O’Donnell in Video Production, Con McCarthy in TV and Electronics… Michael Dwyer in Movies… the list is huge… they all made things possible and I owe them all a sincere thank you for their encouragement in developing this Media and Arts career that I love.

Tell us all about what you’re doing now?
I direct TV music programmes, Arts shows and Traditional Irish music series for broadcasters across Ireland and the UK. I also lecture on TV and Media when I get the chance, which I love to do from my extensive photo and video archive..! I’m an incurable digital hoarder! I feel it’s very important, though, to preserve and curate good educational material for future students of these Film & TV crafts, as I was so hungry for knowledge myself back in the days when my only lifeline to solid information was through the brilliant County Library at Moyderwell!

Our librarians there were wonderful, they kept me sane in those pre-internet days.

How have you found the world of the arts the past two years with covid, will we ever recover, where do you see the future going?
I feel our world has been through a defining, shape-shifting time as our core values become better focussed by these recent revealing lenses of pandemics, supply chain economics and sustainability. I realise many old and wasteful habits, some of which I too was stuck with, have seen their day, and we should now invest massively in education and self-development with
a new understanding, to bring environment and Social and Mental health up to the top of every agenda.

Our future generations will thank us, and leave monuments to our efforts in the form of new respect for this blue planet, and this beautiful county of Kerry!

What is in the pipeline for you in the future? Tempted to get back to your roots here in Kerry?

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I would dearly love to get back to Kerry soil, and to really “work from home” – I have a new plan to base ourselves back in my home county, to go on and invest my experience and knowledge in education and Media course development, which I will do. It’s our little family’s latest burning ambition!

Bob Corkey | TV and Media Director | 087 2616316 |


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