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Hayley from Slimming World Killarney/Kilorglin talks to us about her journey

Hayley from Slimming World Killarney/Kilorglin talks to us about her journey

Hayley tell us a bit about yourself…


My name is Hayley and I’ve been a Slimming World Consultant in both the UK and Ireland for 8 years now helping many people change their relationship with food, create a healthier lifestyle, embrace movement and activity and lose weight to achieve their goal and Target Weight.

But before anything else, I’m a member. I think this is what makes me a good consultant because I “get it”. I’ve been there. The highs and the lows. I’ve lost 7 stone with Slimming World since I was introduced to the plan.

Where did your weight loss journey start and why?


I joined a group in the UK just after having my 1st daughter with a wedding approaching in 6 months time. I lost a whopping 3 stone in that time, but then continued to lose weight after my wedding to get to my happy healthy place. I went from a size 18/20 to size 10 and it was done through education of food, how to shop and cook differently and the huge support I got from groups and my consultant.

I’ve had 2 more children since then and it’s fantastic because the Slimming World plan also supports pregnant women too. I was able to continue with Food Optimising during pregnancy.

Are you one of these people who loves exercise and doing all the right things..
I was not confident about joining a gym, running, attending a Zumba class when I was 17 stone. So Slimming Worlds Body Magic taught me that it’s more about activity and movement than that dreaded “exercise” word. A gentle walk, vigorous Housework,  running around the park with the kids…. that’s how I started moving more. And then I slowly built up to walking 5k daily, YouTube workouts and even running 10k.
The Body Magic teamed with Food Optimising is what will create that healthy lifestyle but if exercise isn’t your thing….thats ok to. Small and steady is all that you need to achieve to feel better.
Of course, my journey hasn’t always been plane sailing, and there have been many life changes and “moments ” that have seen me gain a few lbs, lose them again…….you know the story. But the one thing Slimming World has taught me is to never give up on myself as well as the joy of good food. And how much delicious food and meals I can enjoy with my family!

I make comforting Spaghetti Bolognaise and pasta dishes for us all. Creamy Curry’s and Chinese dishes for me and my husband. Bbqs and buffets done the Slimming World way. And when we want a Burger Night or Pizza Night, we can do that! Slimming World has taught me how to make savvy swaps and healthy changes so that I can still lose weight without having to count calories or sip shakes! I love it!

What are your top 5 tips for beginning or returning to a weight loss journey

Many people say to me “how do you stay motivated” or “how do I get started” and I have 5 top tips to get started:

1) Reach out- don’t do it alone. That’s why attending a Slimming World is so valuable because you are surrounded by like-minded people who want to achieve weight loss just like you.

Whether it’s 7lbs, 7 stone like me or 13 stone like some members I’ve had the pleasure of supporting we all have the same feelings and struggles.

2) Make it sustainable- don’t do what someone else is doing. Do what works for you, what fits within your life, and eat what you like. The plan is adaptable for all…. vegan, vegetarian, diabetic, gluten-free. It covers all.

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3) Make small swaps- they make a huge difference.

4) Don’t put a time limit on it- although it’s great to have a goal, sometimes that added pressure of achieving a certain weight loss or goal by a certain date or month can actually sabotage your weight loss. Just enjoy the ride and embrace the new lifestyle. It will happen quicker that way.

5) Enjoy the Ride – there’s nothing more depressing than saying no to everything in life. It’s about balance and if you are too rigid and restrictive about food and drink choices you will inevitably throw the towel in and give up. That’s the vicious cycle of losing weight. Guilt and restriction is so destructive.

Do you have to be disciplined to follow slimming world?


So if you have a communion, a meal out, a birthday…..make an adult decision and decide what it is you would really like to eat and drink and have it. Then, the next meal or day…… you can continue those Slimming World habits. In fact…… you will find as you lose weight your choices around food and drink change and actually you will want to make better choices. We even help members with making those better choices when in the group. Ideas about what to choose off the menu.

This is what I’m passionate about the most….. supporting members through their weight loss journey because if losing weight alone was easy, we all would have done it by now wouldn’t we??! You need extra. That little extra comes from your Slimming World Group and  Consultant support.
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