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Music in the Kingdom – Kevin Walsh

Music in the Kingdom – Kevin Walsh

During lockdown amazing campaigns
have come about where artists are striving to help communities across Ireland by using their talents and resources. One project is ‘embrace the world’ a supergroup single in aid of Ireland’s leading autism charity and here to tell us all about it is singer, songwriter, composer and autistic Adult Kevin Walsh.

Hi Kevin why don’t you start by telling everyone about yourself!

I’m from Cork. I am a singer, songwriter, musician and actor who has graduated from the Cork School Of Music with First Class Honours MA and BMus.I love to do bits of anything and everything that involves performance and creativity!

I was diagnosed with Autism at the age of five. Through the years, the one thing that guided me every step of the way was music.

How did the project come about and why did you choose asiam as the charity to support?

Networking is key to establishing oneself
in the industry but it takes a lot of social nitty gritty to be able to pull off, something which doesn’t come naturally to me as a person on the Autism spectrum.Lockdown gave me a pause actually, I was slowly building my confidence.I had the opportunity to meet Meat Loaf virtually several months ago. He’s been my musical hero through my whole life. That put me in a social place of “Okay, I’m not going to talk myself down”.
I wanted to write a song that reflected: following your dreams, believing in yourself and belonging to yourself, so came the song Embrace the World. People had been suggesting to me for years that I should do something in advocation of an Autism charity but I was always afraid to commit to it fully
as my perception at the time was that I had to “mask” to be accepted.

AsIAm is a charity ran by Adam Harris who is Autistic himself.I’m not just an Autistic guy putting my experiences to the forefront and I believe this project and the song contributes to AsIAm’s philosophy.

A supergroup single is a great choice for a project like this, tell us who are the artists involved so far.

I really wanted to mark diversity in the music styles to exactly mirror that spectrum of Autism.

Yourself Lisa, Molly Lynch and Caroline Kay are all from the Classical / Musical Theatre style with vocal ranges for day and dynamic power. Molly’s top-end takes on the classical Soprano quality and Caroline can utilise a belt in that register that can lean more towards a soulful, gospel side. Then you have Emma Langford who has a strong Trad influence and can do that lilty Irish enunciation.Stephen Gormley of Moon Looks On is vocally like a male version of Emma in terms of its influence and style, and Mark Daly has a raspy rock sound. There are also six more artists that I am hoping to court, ideally of a more renowned and international stature.

Tell us all how we can support the project.

We have a Fund It page. You can make
donations to sponsor the project, starting from €5 and there’s different rewards E.g opportunities for Meet + Greets, signed memorabilia, Virtual Performances (with any of the artists involved) and personalised messages to be found. Check out the page for all
the details.

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Finally where can we follow the journeyof the project and show our support?

We have Social Media pages for the

Facebook & Instagram- embracetheworldrsvp


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