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Kerry Brassil Manager and Horticulturist at Listowel Garden Centre

Kerry Brassil Manager and Horticulturist at Listowel Garden Centre

Kerry Brassil, Manager and Horticulturist at Listowel Garden Centre.

I always felt I wanted to work outdoors, so I studied Horticulture in the National Botanical Gardens and after I graduated, I started working in Listowel Garden Centre and then I took up my managerial position with Listowel Garden Centre in 1999.

Nick Roberts, Owner at Listowel Garden Centre has always said I have been the driving force behind the growth of the business which accumulated in April of 2015 in the building extension and redevelopment of the business, which I project managed as we were becoming a destination and things were growing in the right direction.

During Covid we had to adapt, and I began to record videos for our customers and posted them through our social media channels and still go live regularly to chat about all things in season.

Because the main gardening months are short lived to counteract this, we introduced a Christmas Shop and celebrated its 20th year this Christmas gone, every year the build-up and opening of this gets bigger and better.

Our customer base is third generational, we have been with them throughout their buying journey, and I am serving the same loyal customers and their families for 30 years. We like to look after our loyal customers and during lockdown we sent a
Peace Lily and a bar of chocolate to many of them to show we missed them, and their custom and we still get thanked for it nearly 3 years later.

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We strive to continue to offer a more diverse selection of services and offerings to our customers over the years, which currently include a café, a fashion boutique, gifting ideas and homeware, along with the essential gardening chemicals and tools.

The Garden Centre is celebrating 40 years in Business this September, and I am still as passionate as ever about the Listowel Garden Centre Business and look forward to where we can grow to.

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