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Kingdom of Angels is Author Michelle Keane’s second book. It is an intimate look at the mysteries of angelic interventions in human life. Part spiritual guide, part cultural history, part personal story, Kingdom of Angels recounts the roles that angels and the Divine presence have played in human lives, from the apparitions at Fatima and Lourdes, to the angelic inspiration of Mother Theresa in Calcutta, the mythic city of Gyanganj, and unexplained occurrences in the White House. No matter where you are on a spiritual or religious path; Kingdom Of Angels is sure to deepen your understanding and love of angels. 


‘’As an Author, Michelle Keane is the master of two very different skills; expert scholarship and an easy engaging style. This book Kingdom of Angels, is the inner wisdom and bliss of angels within Michelle, she has a spiritual gift that lets us experience Angels, Saints & Ascended Masters in a way that no longer appears to be far beyond you. Her book is a passport into the spiritual realm of these special friends of God.’’



Publication Date – 30th Sept  2021  

Price: Hardback RRP €30  – ISBN 978-1-913698-97-3

  Paper Back RRP €20 – AISBN 978-1-913698-98-0

also available as an ebook, Kindle, Audible.

ISBN 978-1-913698-97-3


In May 2018, Michelle Keane saw a vision of Archangel Michael beside St Michael’s Well in Ballinskelligs. Guided by angel visions and ancestral messages, Michelle located seven natural underground springs on her home land in Knocknagoshel, County Kerry, Ireland. Inspired to follow the path her angels sent her on, Michelle opened these seven springs, and began the journey to build a business based around the discovery of this water.That journey took her around Ireland and well beyond. Guided by her own angels, Michelle went on a voyage of exploration. 


With the knowledge she gained, she has written Kingdom of Angels, a book that will teach readers to recognise angels and divine messengers in their own lives, how to reach out to them, communicate with them and interpret what they say. Michelle has always emphasized that God communicates with all of us, and in Kingdom of Angels she teaches us clear and understandable steps that enable us to connect with our own angels.


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Michelle Keane is a Co Kerry-based interior designer and public speaker. She was born in Knocknagoshel, in northeast Kerry, and lives a mile from where she was born with her husband Keith and two children Luke & Holly. She studied fashion and textile design and was a finalist in the Smirnoff Young Designer of the year Award 1994,Trinity College.


She was awarded a post graduate scholarship from the Scottish College of Textiles in Galashiels. She founded Mibeau Interiors in 2000, and, thanks to her relentless passion for design and a keen eye for colour, has become a celebrated name in the interior design industry. She is passionate about making her design ethos widely accessible, and lectures part-time in interior design. In 2019, Michelle launched a hand-painted spiritual art collection inspired by her visions and spiritual experiences.


In 2019 she discovered seven natural spring waters on her land and has been on a journey of discovery ever since.

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