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Liam O’Connor – Fastest Fingers in the World!

Liam O’Connor – Fastest Fingers in the World!

_DSC3956You have produced many records and shared the stage with many familiar names; do you have a particular memory that stays in your head through all this?

I have recorded albums, the latest “Live at Ronnie Scott’s” and two DVDs. Of course touring the world with Michael Flatley and Lord of the Dance was a great experience. We played in all the great venues like Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall and Madison Square Garden. I have also been lucky to perform, and record with some wonderful artists including the likes of Grammy winners John Themis and Paul Wertico plus many of the greatest Irish musicians. One of my collaborations that I am particularly proud of is my time recording with the late great Christy Hennessy. I was delighted to be part of his Duets album. He was a wonderful songwriter and singer.

Ireland is renowned for traditional music and its culture; do you find this opens many doors for you when travelling abroad?

I was appointed the first Tourist Ambassador for Killarney and there is no doubt that my music has opened many doors all over the world. They say music is a universal language and this is certainly true. I have done a number of tours to Brazil and as part of a cultural tour organised by the Irish Government we played in various towns outside of the mainstream areas. While we not might not have had many words that we could use we certainly could communicate through music. Of course as part of my Summer Show I welcome audiences from all over the world and to see them go away smiling makes my night. Many cannot express in English how they feel after the show but they will let you know how much they enjoyed it by their demeanour.

Do encourage your own kids to partake in the traditional world?

My three children are all into the music and over the last few years have joined me on stage. Music is a good discipline for young kids and playing an instrument can take them all over the world. However making a living from music is not easy but if any of them want to make a career of their music or singing I will support them. But that’s for the future. At present I love it when they join me on stage and we have some great times playing together.

What does Liam do the chill and wind down?

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I am a big sports fan and always follow the football, hurling and rugby. I am a big Munster fan…. But to wind down I love anything to do with horses. I take part in show jumping, eventing and cross country and love riding out as it gets you away for all the stresses of the music industry.

Where to next for Liam O’ Connor?

I am putting the final touches to my Universal performance Academy where I will be coaching musicians, singers and back stage crew on all aspects of the music business. Those involved will also get a chance to work on my show so they will get both the practical and theoretical experience. I am also working on a Concert with the RTE orchestra. I will be back in the Killarney Avenue for the 11th season of my Summer Show and also have a number of big gigs coming up.
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