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Sera Rescue celebrates 1st birthday…

Sera Rescue celebrates 1st birthday…

IMG_0150Sera Husky is celebrating its 1st birthday and we were delighted to have a chat with Maurice Enright and  Lane Morrissey who are passionate about the service they provide. They are based in Listowel and are open for the public to come along and visit at any time.

Sera Husky and Animal Rescue. How did it all begin?

I set the rescue up in April last year. I had a number of huskies; one called Sera (my first) and pretty much immediately I was inundated with requests from other rescues, council pounds, and people who just didn’t want to put the work in to these beautiful dogs as they didn’t look beyond the cute puppy look. We have a capacity for thirty dogs and as soon as a dog gets a new home another is waiting to come in. We have also re-homed over thirty cats. All the dogs are neutered/spayed, vaccinated, micro chipped, treated for fleas and worms. Sadly, sometimes they arrive in a shocking state and need urgent or more serious and critical veterinary treatment. We have a group of dogs that will live with us because they have just been through too much already and here they have safety, comfort and will be well looked after. We also have cats, donkeys, goats, a pony, rabbits, pigs, reptiles (a Burmese Python, bearded dragon, and tarantula) and a Syrian hamster.

Is There A Need For A Husky Rescue?

Simple answer is yes. Without a doubt, and there’s a need for more husky rescues. We get five to six calls/emails/ Facebook messages a day regarding unwanted huskies. We then have to decide who comes in as we just haven’t the room for them all. If we had room for 100 dogs we still wouldn’t have enough room such is the current problem. We cover all of Ireland. Dogs have come to us from Belfast, Longford, Athlone, and we have re-homed as far away as Sligo, Warrenpoint and Dublin.

How do you organise Fundraising to support the service?

We cover some of the basic costs through our own charity shop in Rock St, Tralee; this doesn’t include any veterinary procedures. The basic weekly running costs are up to €250; this covers food, diesel, electricity, water, cleaning materials and basic maintenance which we do ourselves. Then spaying/neutering, vaccinating, micro chipping, vet treatments for injured dogs can raise the running costs to as much as €5000. We fundraise where and when we can. We have permitted street collections, open days where we invite people to come and meet the dogs, quiz nights, BBQ summer fundraisers etc, we have also been in things like St Patrick’s day parade to raise awareness. In accordance with our Charity Constitution no one gets paid and 100 % of all monies donated or raised go to help keep the rescue going in a safe and secure manner. In Sera Husky, every single cent goes to the Rescue.

I guess volunteers are extremely important to your organisation tell us about your volunteers……

We have two fantastic groups of volunteers, one organised by Lane in the shop and the other organised by Michelle at the Rescue. We would not exist without these volunteers. Rain, hail or shine they are here, knowing that everything they do will help save more animals and they look for nothing in return.

Where To From Here?

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We have accomplished a lot in our first year from building the rescue to getting our isolation unit to opening our shops, but there is much more to do. Having rescued over 180 animals and finding good homes for 130 we would like to increase that number by at least 50%, we have a plot put aside for an agility area and new set of kennels. Education is going to be a huge part of our second year, going to schools, youth cafes and scouts/guides, if children are educated from an early age maybe animal welfare will improve in years to come. We will continue to do these visits for free. So many people are shocked that these beautiful dogs are in such trouble and we will continue to spread this word by going to festivals around the country and persuade people to Adopt and not Shop. Every time a dog is adopted it actually saves two dogs, the adopted dog and a new one we can take in.

Can the Public come and visit?

Yes, we always welcome visitors but we ask that they ring first as we are very busy and we like to have time to show people around properly and let them meet our dogs. And of course on as part of our 1st Birthday celebrations we are having an open day on Sunday 19th April and everyone is very welcome. Our last open day was a great success and we hope to go from strength to strength.

If anyone is interested they can contact us on Facebook.

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