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Luara Holly – Beauty and Fashion

Luara Holly – Beauty and Fashion

Hey everyone!

This month’s article is all about Autumnal dressing! I am going to cover transitional dressing at this time of year, Autumn trends and staples. Autumn/Winter is my absolute favourite time of the year for fashion! Knitwear, coats, hats, scarves – you name it, I love it all! I feel it is a time where you can really be creative, show your individual style and dress the hell up!



October can be a tricky time to dress, as its not cold enough for a woolly jumper, but too cold for just a tee. The trick for transitional dressing in Autumn is layering. Don’t go packing all your summer gear away just yet! So, when you are wearing your jeans and tee, just pair it with a blazer to keep the chill off and really smarten up your look. You can also wear your pretty summer dress with a pair of chunky black boots and a leather jacket. I just love the juxtaposition of a girly dress and how a pair of chunky black biker boots toughen up this look. Also, for a more sophisticated look, a light trench coat is another great piece for this time of year. It can be thrown over a dress, tee, shirt, you name it! In terms of outerwear, a good blazer, leather jacket and a trench coat are such great building blocks for any wardrobe.

Speaking of your wardrobe – I’d definitely recommend taking the time now to go through your closet, organise it and see what you have. Is it time consuming? Yes! Painful? Yes! But it is also so satisfying when you’re done! In short – shop your own wardrobe first, weed out the stuff you know you’ll never wear and identify what your wardrobe is missing.

Which segways nicely into my next topic – Autumn/Winter Staples. If you are on the hunt for some new pieces, September/October is the best time to buy them. You might not be ready to wear certain items of clothing, but now is when you will have a great selection in terms of styles and sizes – before all the best stuff sell out!


A good pair of sunglasses are not just a summer wardrobe staple, they are an all-year round, must have essential! It could be the darkest, grimmest day and I’ll have a pair of sunglasses on me, especially when driving. They protect your eyes and also the delicate skin around your eyes. Let’s try and avoid the fine lines, eh? Besides the practicality of them, they elevate any look, are so chic and hide a multitude!

Puffer Coat from Hannons €189

In terms of outerwear, I already mentioned how a good blazer, leather jacket and trench will work hard in your wardrobe. But let’s not forget, a good winter coat is a must have.! I recommend keeping it neutral – a gorgeous camel colour or classic black, that’s versatile and will go with everything. Invest in good quality and you will have it for years to come. Buy once and buy well! For a more casual style, the puffer coat is still huge this season. Designers have recognised that mid/post pandemic, comfort and practicality are key to consumers.

I am a little bit obsessed with boots! But realistically, you only need a pair of flat and mid to high heeled black ankle boots and maybe a pair of tan boots. I also love a pair of knee-high boots, but for the purpose of this article, let’s keep it to a modest minimum! I’d always recommend going for leather footwear, rather than man made materials. Leather footwear is more comfortable, more durable and will mould to the shape of your foot, giving you a better fit. Its just better for your feet!

Zara Faux Leather Pants €19.95

No wardrobe is complete in my opinion, without a pair of faux leather leggings/trousers. You can find them almost anywhere, but I am going to mention two types. Zara do a fantastic faux leather pants for €19.95 and they have them in every colour. Size up, as like everything in Zara, the sizing is teeny tiny! For a pair of sleek, tight faux leather leggings,
I cannot talk about the Commando ones more. They are pricey at €99, but I have mine over four years and LIVE in them. They are super comfy, look like real leather and are so flattering. Definitely, a way better buy than the Spanx leggings. I have both and there is no comparison. Dress these leggings up with heels, or equally you can wear with trainers and a woolly jumper. I got mine from Brown Thomas.

Commando Faux Leather leggings €99

Autumn means one thing – sweater weather! And who doesn’t love knitwear? It is cosy, comfortable and like the sunglasses, can hide a multitude! There are many knitwear trends this Autumn/Winter – big bold prints, more detailed elevated styles and the ‘Après ski’ trend is huge, with the Fairisle pattern being very prevalent! But again, when thinking of wardrobe staples, think neutral and look for good quality fabrics. I think my favourite outfit at this time of year is the jumper dress. You literally throw it on and you’re good to go. No muss, or fuss! Also, this season, the knitted midi skirt will be everywhere. I personally prefer the jumper dress, for aforementioned reasons!

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Green jumper dress from Effigy Tralee €69.95

My top tip for knitwear, is to invest in a debobbler! They cost about 20 cuid and will keep your knitwear looking like brand new!

Winter Coat

Another wardrobe staple is your handbag. Like footwear, I’d always invest in a leather option. You can go designer, boutique or high street, but whatever your budget, keep it simple and functional!

Lastly – a good LBD (little black dress) – need I say more!? An absolute essential!

Hope you enjoyed this article guys. Keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram to see how I style my Autumnal outfits. For any fashion or beauty queries, please email

Laura xxx

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