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Roger Harty EyeCare – Celebrating 35 Years in Business

Roger Harty EyeCare – Celebrating 35 Years in Business

Amazing things started to happen in Ireland in 1986 – For instance it was the year that thousands of people flocked to Ballinspittle in Co Cork to visit the moving statues.

November 11 1986 was also the year that Roger Harty Opticians opened for business to serve the people of Kerry and beyond with expert eyecare.

My father also Roger Harty a Publican by trade in who’s pub the Rose of Tralee was founded left me with one strong piece of business advice and it was as follows – ‘Count the barrels in front of your own door and don’t be looking at the barrels up the street’ – In other words – ‘Mind your own business’

We have been doing that to the best our ability serving our customers with the latest in Eyecare products and advice. In fact the catchphrase motto of the business now is – “For your Eye care We Care”

It really is all about Care.

Alan Conway, Roger Harty, Mary Ciepierski, Niall Hobbert.

The Growth of the Team

In 1986 the business started with just Roger himself and now after 35 years the business has grown 6 employees all working together to help our clients with the best service and advise possible.

Roger remembers his very first customers very fondly – they were Dan and Maureen Henry who ran a small shop across the road from Roger (in Boherbee) where he used to frequent or sweets regularly as a child. It is that sort of care and connection with our customers which is the hallmark of our business.

Latest in advanced Optical Technologies

Yes we keep an eye to the past but we are very much aware here that the world is changing very rapidly. All this new technology is putting huge demands on people’s eyesight especially the advent of computers. Everything now is a computer – our tv’s, phones, laptops, ipads, cars, and even things like microwaves and washing machines are using computer screens.

The Blue light / white light emitting from
these screens along with the intense focus required
are driving people’s eyesight to the limit causing all sorts of visual stresses. Here at Roger Harty Opticians we are ready and waiting to provide the answer.

Each eye test is given Quality time —- 45 minutes to be exact, using the latest in advance and exclusive technologies to Roger Harty Opticians such as an OCT which examines the health of the Retina and also a Macular Pigment eye (MP Eye) assessment. This is absolute

latest in Eye Care technology and we are to the fore in this as we are the only opticians in Munster with such advanced testing equipment. These are used in the assessments of athletes like
with our 3 year partnership with Kerry GAA. We are the first and only in the country to develop such a
partnership where we are proud to term the “Official Optical Performance Partners” to the Kerry GAA

Kerry’s 1st Fully Inclusive Children’s sight testing Clinic

Testing of children’s eyes was a big part of our practice in years gone by. But since The advent of home-learning has put huge demand on the eyesight
of teachers, children, and their parents. We identified a gap in the market to develop a deliver a child friendly environment so kids can have a positive stressless experience when they visit for their sight test. Our Fully Inclusive Children’s Sight Testing Clinics were launched and are a huge success. To see a child’s face light up when they get the help they need to see better is priceless, and is very special for us to be a part of that experience.

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On Saturdays once a month we run a special clinic for children only, to assess all their visual demands – very often we provide them with Crizal Prevencia lenses to protect them from the onset of blue light even if there is no requirement for prescriptive eyesight lenses. Booking is essential for our children’s sight testing clinics.

Unrivalled mobile eye examinations on site

We have also invested in recent times in equipment to make us more mobile so we are readily available to go ‘On Site’ and bringing the latest eye testing technology with us. It is this attention to detail here that is our trademark as we know here that ——– ‘It’s all about our customers “. Just as recent as last week we were on site of a nursing home providing compassionate, professional eye examinations to all the residents.

We acknowledge that all companies now work on screens, and need their staff to be healthy. Eye health plays a key role, and through our 35 years’ experience and ambitious team, we will be developing the growth of this section of our business, in conjunction with all business leaders around Kerry. Contact us if you would like us to visit your business / company to provide professional eye examinations.

The demand on people’s eyes is only going to increase in the future so therefore there is going to be more and more demand for high quality eye-care.

What the future holds & Our Promise

As an Independent Optician we are very unique to be such, and the future possibilities for us is something that I and the team are very excited about. We are confident in our ability to adapt, develop and grow while continuing to provide unrivalled personal service to all our customers now and in the future. So our job is simple ———– To keep on Caring and delivering unrivalled service to the people of Kerry and beyond for many years ahead.


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