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Travel Gadgets

Travel Gadgets

Some gadgets for you to remember on your trip this year. There is a fantastic collection on here are some items we think are handy when travelling.

The Giant Lifeventure Soft Fibre Towel €30.00

Small enough to stash in a handbag; absorbs over 9 times it’s weight in water and dries off 8 times quicker than a conventional cotton equivalent.

Dry iPad €15.00
The Dry iPad is a new addition to our ‘Dry’ range and offers 100% waterproof protection to a depth of 1 metre. Once inside the clear pouch the device will continue to respond seamlessly to the touch. Email and access to applications remains unaffected and an integrated earphone jack facilitates movie watching, listening to music or gaming online.

Money Minder €8.00
Body fitting money belt with three internal compartments. Not that you’d want to, but it’s a bit like having your bank manager strapped round your waist. Three discreet internal compartments and a body-hugging design make it tricky even for you to get to your cash

SB Universal Adaptor €24.00
This Universal Travel Adapter is fitted with a powerful USB port which will charge devices at 1 amp, as opposed to the more common 0.5 amps. It also has a patented plug adaptor system enabling you to connect two pin or three pin devices to local mains sockets in more than 150 countries. Whether you have a digicam or an iPod the Universal Travel Adapter will power your devices safely.

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The Aqua Pure Traveller Water Filter Bottle €45.00

The Aquapure Traveller is a high performance personal water purification system that is designed for those who may find themselves in places where water quality is dubious or even dangerous.

Simply fill the bottle and you can safely drink the water immediately!
*Not For Use On Sea/Salt Water.

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