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Turn to Nature for Healing

Turn to Nature for Healing

Looking towards the future after what most people would describe as a challenging and unprecedented time. Ballyseedy Home & Garden Centre, Bernie Falvey talks to Kerry Connect about turning to nature for a healing approach.

Research has shown that being around plants help improve memory attention, an increase in concentration and sparks creativity.

In order to flourish, mother nature requires nourishment and care, if taking care of in the correct manner, the results will be so rewarding.

From beautiful oranges, reds, yellows, pinks and blues, Geraniums, Begonias, Lavender and all outdoor annuals/perennials can add a pop of colour to any garden and are perfect for hanging baskets, window boxes, and containers.

No doubt the scent of certain plants e.g. Lavender, Nemesia and Dianthus, will lift any mood. We can also look at simple lifestyle tips to incorporate a sense of well-being into our daily routine. Why not, take some time to enjoy the company of your outdoor living, whether it be gardening, meditating, practising yoga, meandering through the garden or reading.

To get the most out of outdoor plants, we must look after them as we would ourselves. Hydration, light and food are necessary fundamentals for growth, ensuring the plants are liquid fed on a regular basis.

Buying a good quality plant and compost are essential when planting any plant. Nature has gifted the perfect seaweed-based feed to nourish our plants, which in turn will eliminate all pests and diseases. At Ballyseedy our recommendation is to feed and nourish rather than the use of spraying.

The Garden and Lifestyle Centre is now open in Ballyseedy Tralee.

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By Bernie Falvey


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