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Women have unique health issues and can experience certain complaints more or sometimes less frequently than men and their nutritional requirements are also different.

Tailored support for female health issues are important from a young age right through to later life. Empowering yourself with some simple but powerful knowledge can help improve your sense of wellness by supporting your body’s natural metabolic and hormonal balance.

Some of the more common female health issues are:

PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)
Around 1 in 4 women suffer moderate to severe PMS symptoms, which occur 1-2 weeks before menstruation. The most common symptoms are irritability, anxiety, tension, mood swings, bloating, breast tenderness and headaches. These symptoms can be severe and some of the natural remedies shown to be helpful are: MAGNESIUM and VITAMIN B6 – helps reduce cravings, fluid retention and anxiety. Both MAGNESIUM and B6 play an important role in regulating hormones and mood.

UTI (Urinary Tract Infections)
It is estimated 1 in 5 women will have a urinary tract infections during their life. UTI’s have a very high (up to 20%) risk of reoccurrence. Some safe and effective ways to prevent reoccurring UTI’s are therefore very important and this is the main use of CRANBERRY. The berries are rich in nutrients which may prevent infections taking hold. It is recommended to take CRANBERRY CAPSULES along with a PROBIOTIC for long term prevention. When faster relief is needed D-MANOSE (in capsules or powder) is a good recommendation.

MACA is a remarkable super-food prized for improving energy and vitality and is known as an important remedy for female health. MACA has been used for centuries for female and hormonal balance. Indeed, modern research has found that MACA may help to improve energy and mood and decrease anxiety. A number of studies have also shown MACA to be a safe way to relieve menopausal symptoms and may help reduce hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, improve libido and emotional wellbeing. MACA is available in powder or capsule form.

There are some excellent products now available in the healthstore formulated specifically to balance and support female health. Some of these include:

AGNUS CASTUS: Female hormonal balancing, painful heavy periods and PMT.

ASHWAGANDA: Adaptogenic herb ideal to help with stress/anxiety.

MENOMIN: Tiredness and fatigue associated with hormonal activity.

See Also

WILD NUTRITION MENOPAUSE COMPLEX: A unique complex of herbs and botanicals suitable for use during all stages of menopause.

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL: contains GLA which may help hormonal symptoms such as breast tenderness , bloating and low mood.

For more information on any of these products or to discuss your specific symptoms just call in store and as always we are happy to help.

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